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Bing ChatGPT is a miễn phí AI phầm mềm. Use Bing with ai chat bot at the same time on your browser new tab page.

With AI phầm mềm Bing ChatGPT, you can get instant answers vĩ đại your questions right on your Chrome new tab. Simply type your question into the tìm kiếm bar, and the AI-powered chatbot will answer it. Alternatively, you can get an answer from Bing directly from your Chrome new tab! Both functions are available on one page - your browser new tab. 🚀 How vĩ đại use: To begin, press Cmd+T (or Ctrl+T for Windows users). It will open your Chrome new tab. Search for anything in Bing or ask ChatGPT in the same browser window! You will get a response from ChatGPT or Bing - depending on whether you searched or asked. If you're looking for a way vĩ đại boost your productivity and streamline your workflow, AI Bing ChatGPT on Chrome New Tab is the perfect solution. With its powerful features and innovative design, this Chrome extension is a game-changer for anyone looking vĩ đại get more done in less time. 👀 FAQ ✔️ What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is an AI chatbot phầm mềm that uses GPT technology vĩ đại provide intelligent conversation. You can connect with it simply by installing our extension. ✔️ What is the Bing ChatGPT extension? It is a miễn phí Chrome extension that enhances your productivity by providing access vĩ đại ChatGPT API and Bing in your browser on the same new tab. ✔️ What exactly can be done with ChatGPT? With ChatGPT, you can use features lượt thích miễn phí access vĩ đại the powerful GPT-4 model by OpenAI, make blog summaries, use AI writer for Gmail, Twitter, and LinkedIn, get ChatGPT responses for any other questions and tasks. ✔️ When was this project launched? ChatGPT Bing was launched on July 20th, 2023. ✔️ Is ChatGPT Bing miễn phí vĩ đại use? Yes, our extension is completely miễn phí. There are no hidden purchases. ✔️ What tìm kiếm engines are supported? We currently tư vấn Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo. ✔️ Do I need a Microsoft or OpenAI trương mục vĩ đại use it? No, you vì thế not need a Bing trương mục. However, you need vĩ đại register for an OpenAI trương mục. You can create your trương mục very easily in a couple of clicks, and after installing this extension, we will guide you on how vĩ đại vì thế it quickly. ✔️ Does ChatGPT Bing work in countries where ChatGPT is banned? Yes, we work in all countries. 🐝 Current function list: 📍Based on ChatGPT API vĩ đại understand and respond vĩ đại chat messages 📍Supports GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4 models 📍Translates, paraphrases, and explains any text 📍Writes, translates, summarizes, paraphrases, explains, or replies vĩ đại any text 📍Works with code and supports code markup 📍Runs fast (like ChatGPT Plus) 📍Pressing Cmd+T or Ctrl+T or the new tab button opens extension functionality very fast 📍Does not need access vĩ đại a Bing account 📍Users can write articles, ads, blogs, resumes, etc., with one click. 📍Prevents Chatgpt network errors and OpenAI API frequency limit issues 📍ChatGPT Bing has a 100% privacy policy 📍Supports tìm kiếm engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex ⭐️ Future functions: We consider supporting - GPT-5, - Brad, - Claude, - AutoGpt, and other models in the future. Other models are considered for adding vĩ đại the extension as they become available. 💥 How vĩ đại launch: To launch this extension, click the Add vĩ đại Chrome button in the upper right corner. After installing the extension, simply open a new tab by pressing Cmd+M/Ctrl+M and start working with Bing ChatGPT! 🌿 Troubleshooting: For any questions or suggestions, users can liên hệ our dev team at [email protected].

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Мир УдивительныйNov 2, 2023

exactly I was searching for

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Hnnn JkNov 1, 2023

A wonderful and ideal tool that I use every day. I advise everyone vĩ đại tải về the tool because it is wonderful and I use it on all my devices. It is a really worthy tool vĩ đại tải về.

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Adrià Polls PelegríSep 29, 2023

This extension is a FAKE!!!! This isn't a bing chat GPT of Microsoft!!! :(

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