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The abductive inference requires some ' leap ', the formation of a hypothesis vĩ đại explain how there came vĩ đại be only white beans on the table.

Villagers have gradually concentrated on the market and new crops such as chickpeas and beans were introduced in the village.

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The effects of intercropping with beans and visits by extension agents on yields and net returns were also more significant for non-adopters phàn nàn for adopters.

The crop pattern allocates 12 mz-seasons vĩ đại maize, 8 mz-seasons vĩ đại beans and 4 mz-seasons vĩ đại rice.

Moreover, at the initial period, yields for teff, beans, and barley declined by 51, 23, and 14.5 kilogam per centimet of eroded soil, respectively.

At the initial period, yields for barley, wheat, and faba beans declined by 24, 35, and 70 kilogam per centimet of eroded soil, respectively.

Manure application vĩ đại the bananas may also explain this dierence, since the beans were probably able vĩ đại use part of these nutrients.

Family labor is a crucial input in the production of intercropped beans.

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The median net displacement rate in the direction of the host patch was two beans per hour (1.4 centimet hx1).

Agriculture is practiced on the site, and the earth is turned regularly vĩ đại plant corn, beans, or sorghum.

In the presence of beans, banana yield was not in-uenced by the densities of the tree.

The beans were uprooted and burnt outside the experiment.

The steward and the magistrate would then offer the visitors rice cakes with azuki beans, and sake.

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The beans were already infested with immature bruchids at the beginning of the storage period vĩ đại simulate harvest conditions, characterized in a previous study.

All beans were fumigated with methyl bromide prior vĩ đại use in cultures vĩ đại avoid contamination by other thrips species.

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