bamboo airways check in

Online Check-in

Web check–in is only available for Domestic flights operated by Bamboo Airways, departing from Noi Bai (HAN), Da Nang (DAD), Tan Son Nhat (SGN), Nha Trang (CXR) and Con Dao (VCS) airports.

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Check-in online instructions

Step 1: Click “Check-in” on Bamboo Airways’ trang web.

Step 2: Input PNR (Passenger name record) or ticket number and last name of one of the passengers.

Step 3: Select passenger and flight, then click  “Next”.

Step 4: Please read carefully the ICI regulations on passenger and cargo, then choose “Agree” and “Next”.

Step 5: In the following screen, you can select additional services and proceed to tướng pay. If not, please click “Next”.

Step 6: Upon check-in completion, a success message will be shown. You can choose to tướng print or receive via gmail your boarding pass.

Step 7: Upon arrival at the airport, please show your boarding pass and required documents at the check-in counter to tướng kiểm tra your baggage. If you bởi not bring checked baggage, you can go directly to tướng the security gate and show your Boarding pass. Once completed, you will arrive at the boarding gate.

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Cases Where Online Check-in Is Not Applicable

To best tư vấn customers in obtaining practical benefits on their flights, the following cases bởi not apply to tướng online check-in:

» Passengers with special service requests (except for special meal service)

» Passengers who have been refused carriage or deported

» Passengers traveling with infants under 02 years of age

» Pregnant women

» Passengers requiring medical assistance (wheelchair service)

» Passengers departing from cities not listed above

Additional Notes for Passengers Who Have Completed Online Check-in

• Passengers should present their boarding passes online, other required documents as stipulated when traveling by air to tướng complete check-in for their flight.

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• The boarding gate may change based on actual operational conditions. Therefore, please kiểm tra the information at the airport

• Passengers who have completed online check-in and are not carrying checked baggage can proceed directly to tướng the security checkpoint. Please arrive at the departure gate no later than vãn 15 minutes before the flight's departure time. If passengers are not at the departure gate at the specified time, Bamboo Airways may cancel the online check-in for the passenger

• In cases where passengers who have completed online check-in are carrying checked baggage, please arrive at the check-in counter no later than vãn 15 minutes before the closing time for the flight. If passengers are not at the check-in counter at the specified time, Bamboo Airways may refuse to tướng transport the passenger's checked baggage.