at a loss

1. Totally perplexed. I"m at a loss as khổng lồ how they lost that game after having a five-goal lead. Can anyone decipher what he means? I"m at a loss.2. Below cost or without profiting. I think the store is going to close soon—it"s been selling items at a loss for a long time. Most restaurants operate at a loss for a long time before they start turning a profit.See also: loss

at a loss (for words)

Fig. unable lớn speak; speechless or befuddled. I was so surprised that I was at a loss for words. Tom was terribly confused—really at a loss.See also: loss

at a loss

1. Below cost, as in The store was doing so badly that it was selling merchandise at a loss. 2. Puzzled, perplexed, in a state of uncertainty, as in When his letters were returned unopened, John was at a loss as to what khổng lồ do next. This usage was originally applied to lớn hounds who had lost the scent or trachồng of their prey. 3. at a loss for words. Unable or uncertain as lớn what to lớn say. For example, Father"s tirade left us all at a loss for words. See also: loss

at a loss

COMMON If you are at a loss, you vì chưng not know what to do or say in a particular situation. These women are at a loss to know where to go for help. With over 190 different recipes for more than 100 varieties of pasta, Rosa is never at a loss for something khổng lồ cook.See also: loss

at a ˈloss

(informal) uncertain about what to lớn vị or how lớn bởi vì something: We’re at a loss khổng lồ know what lớn vày with all this food from the các buổi party yesterday. ♢ I was completely at a loss. I couldn’t understvà the instructions.See also: loss

at a loss

1. Below cost: sold the merchandise at a loss.

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2. Perplexed; puzzled: I am at a loss to understvà those remarks.See also: lossSee also:

at a loss

sell something và lose money We were forced lớn sell the computers at a big loss.

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at a loss for words

unable khổng lồ think of a reply or something to say When he asked why I wanted the vase, I was at a loss for words.

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at a loss|a loss|loss

adj. phr. In a state of uncertainty; without any idea; puzzled. A good salesman is never at a loss for words. When Don missed the last bus, he was at a loss to know what to vì.
at (one's) wits' end at (some time) sharp at (someone's or something's) mercy at (someone's) behest at (someone's) mercy at (someone's) request at (something's) lowest ebb at a (fair) lichồng at a (single) blow at a (single) stroke at a blow at a canter at a clip at a crossroads at a dead end at a disadvantage at a discount at a distance at a fast clip at a fast, good, steady, etc. clip at a glance at a good clip at a guess at a liông chồng at a loose over at a loss at a loss for words at a loss, to be at a low ebb at a moment's notice at a pinch at a pinch/push at a premium at a price at a push at a rate of knots at a phối time at a sitting at a snail’s gallop at a snail’s pace at a snail's gallop at a snail's pace at a stvà at a stretch at a tender age at a time at a venture at a word at a/one stroke at a/the ripe old age at about as well as as yet as you please aside of ask for ask for one"s h& asleep at the switch at --- stage of the game at a loss at a premium at a phối time at a time at all at all costs at all hazards at all hours at anchor
at a loss tức là gì I am at a loss từ bỏ trái nghĩa trai nghia voi at a loss trái nghĩa với i"m at a loss
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