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2000 Atmospheres • Beckett Industries • Blackburn • Jagannatha • Lightshade • Oxide • Romanticide

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ASUS ROG Tournaments return with an online StarCraft II tournament on September 17-19, 2021, featuring 16 world-class players, và a prize pool of $15,000 USD and 1,280 EPT points.


Group Stage:16 players in 4 groups of 4 players each:All matches are Bo3.Top 2 players of each group advance khổng lồ the Playoffs.Playoffs:8 players in a single-elimination bracket.Quarterfinals & Semifinals are Bo5.Finals are Bo7.

Map Pool

2000 Atmospheres LEBeckett Industries LEBlackburn LEJagannatha LELightshade LEOxide LERomanticide LE

Prize Pool

$15,000 USD và 1,280 EPT 2021-22 Global Points are spread among mỏi the players as seen below:


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Team NV
vs. vs. vs. MirrorsMap#Σ%Σ%Σ%Total Sum (Σ)7728151353.6%2015575.0%104640.0%577
2000 Atmospheres LE1763350.0%31233.3%31233.3%122
Beckett Industries LE3110100.0%21150.0%-------
Blackburn LE853260.0%330100.0%-------
Jagannatha LE6----330100.0%----12-
Lightshade LE1142250.0%220100.0%21150.0%111
Oxide LE1542250.0%550100.0%21150.0%112
Romanticide LE1784450.0%2020.0%31233.3%112

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