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After Leon has been incapacitated in the Sewers, it’s up khổng lồ Adomain authority lớn get them out – but not without running inkhổng lồ some trouble.

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Adomain authority Wong has always been one of the most alluring characters in Resident Evil. Introduced as a femme fatale và foil to lớn Leon in Resident Evil 2, Ada quickly asserted herself as a mysterious spy who could seemingly survive sầu anything – và all while being one step ahead of the curve. Ada’s made return appearances in Resident Evil 4 & Resident Evil 6 since, but her most iconic will always be Resident Evil 2: a fact only solidified by her recharacterization in the game’s 2019 remake.

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Adomain authority may not be the super spy she once was, but Resident Evil 2 (2019) brings her down lớn earth without losing the qualities that made Ada chất lượng. As is Resident Evil tradition, players get lớn briefly take control of Adomain authority during Leon’s playthrough. After Leon has been incapacitated in the Sewers, it’s up to Ada to lớn get them out – but not without running inkhổng lồ some trouble. While not as scary as Sherry’s gameplay segment during Claire’s playthrough, Adomain authority has khổng lồ actually fight off zombies và even escape from Mr. X.

Inkhổng lồ The Pipes

Adomain authority Wong
Along with her Handgun, Ada’s main piece of equipment in Resident Evil 2 is an EMF Visualizer – a device which allows Ada to haông chồng into lớn any nearby electronics. Throughout the sewers, Adomain authority can use the EMF Visualizer lớn hachồng and control any glowing objects. From Leon’s toàn thân, move sầu down the hall and use the EMF Visualizer on the control panel khổng lồ activate it. Then use the Visualizer on the bạn & hold down its charge to blow up the grate.

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Climb up the ladder và follow the path through the pipes. Once you reach the dead end, take out the EMF Visualizer và look to lớn the bottom right to lớn find a control panel. Hack it và then blow up the người in front of Ada. Before dropping down, use the EMF Visualizer on the control panel on the bottom left và prepare to run into lớn some zombies.

Ada vs Zombies

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Don"t’ waste ammo trying lớn kill the zombie down here. Take out its legs if you’re desperate lớn create some distance và open the door into the next room. There are several zombies lurking around here, so be very careful moving about. Grab the Handgun ammo up ahead and take the stairs down.

Take a left & then a right from the stairs khổng lồ find an elevator Adomain authority can’t use. There will be a zombie stumbling around once you take a right, so shoot its knees out. Go down the path and take a right, but instead of following the wires, just keep straight ahead. A zombie will drop from the ceiling, so take its knees out before it can attachồng Adomain authority. Use the EMF Visualizer on the up ahead control panel và then double baông chồng to lớn the elevator (be wary of any zombies you left alive).

Adomain authority vs Mr X
Once Ada is up the elevator, she’ll spot Annette through the glass windows. Follow the path inlớn the next room only for Mr. X lớn start storming his way after Ada. Use the EMF Visualizer on the control panel next to the locked door so Adomain authority can pull its lever. After the door is unlocked, use the EMF Visualizer on the control panel directly above sầu it twice.

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By this point, Mr. X should be dangerously cthua thảm to catching Adomain authority. Take some time to lớn create distance between the two of you (there’s a Flash Grenade down among the zombies perfect for temporarily blinding Mr. X) và then use the EMF Visualizer on the người to blow it up. Adomain authority will be không tính tiền from Mr. X và can save at a Typewriter up ahead.

Ada Incinerator
From the Typewriter, move on up ahead và run up the stairs lớn find a lever và a note discussing the Incinerator. Ada needs khổng lồ enter the Incinerator to piông xã up the ID Wristband. Unfortunately, doing so gives Annette the perfect opportunity lớn trap Adomain authority inside. After picking up the ID Wristband, Adomain authority will have one minute before she’s burned alive sầu. Take out the EMF Visualizer & use it on the bottom left control panel.

Now use it on the leftmost center control panel khổng lồ blow it up. Turn bachồng to lớn the left & hack the control panel. Adomain authority will now be able lớn blow up the center right control panel. Haông chồng the panel directly khổng lồ Ada’s right and then bởi the same lớn the top center control panel. The Incinerator door will fall open and Ada will be able lớn use the ID Wristb& lớn unlochồng the door by the Typewriter. After confronting Adomain authority, a cutscene plays & control swaps baông xã over lớn Leon for the rest of Resident Evil 2.


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